“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.”

-Ludwig van Beethoven-

Celebrate your vows on a small island in the middle of a stream, between palm trees or in our chapel. Explore the magic of Amorosa’s 2 hectare gardens, including natural African grasslands, colorful flower beds and a Japanese garden. The indigenous flora, and the backdrop of mountains are a photographer’s dream!

Prepare for the big moment in beautiful and comfortable pre-wedding rooms and accommodation, while we provide refreshments for the wedding party. As guests are welcomed by the friendly and professional Amorosa staff, we offer various spectacular backdrops to suit the unique style of your ceremony. Musical themes have been weaved into many areas at Amorosa, combining to create the most romantic, and memorable wedding day.

Our accommodation includes a honeymoon suite, and various overnight options for the wedding party. Contact us for before-and-after wedding bookings!

Amorosa Wedding Packages

Our catering packages are flexible and include plated three course meals, or buffet style eating. We also provide bespoke wedding packages, so feel free to contact us to help you create the perfect day!

Con Amore

Con Brio

Con Fuoco